Royal Canal Premium Cycle Route Broome Bridge Final Day for submissions Friday 1st August


The Navan Road Community Council are broadly in favour of the above works at Broome Bridge.

We made the following submission with a few suggestions.  In particular we see this as an opportunity to improve the overall appearance of the area if the old retaining wall at the ESB substation was to be replaced by a stone faced wall in keeping with the old bridge stonework.

Submission Royal Canal Premium Cycle Route Broome Bridge

B & B in The Phoenix Park! – Do we want or need it?


Coming hot on the heels of the largely disastrous Phoenix Park Visitor Experience Strategic Review comes an application from the OPW to renovate Rose Cottage on the Ordnance Survey Road.

While we would welcome the renovation of Rose Cottage we are definitely not in favour of the proposed use of the cottage for Bed & Breakfast for a period of 10 years!

Historically the Gate Lodges and interior Lodges of the Phoenix Park have always been used as homes for the OPW staff employed within the Phoenix Park.  We understand that there is a waiting list for such accommodation at present.

Rose Cottage is described on the Buildings of Ireland website (the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage) as follows:-

The unusual plan, extant timber detailing and idyllic setting make this structure an interesting part of the collection of buildings associated with Decimus Burton. It forms part of a further, broader group of related structures scattered throughout the Phoenix Park.

We don’t need further commercialisation of The Phoenix Park.  There are several more unused cottages in the Park.  Will OPW be looking to turn these into B & B’s too?

Below you will find our objection which has been sent to the Planning Department in Dublin City Council.

You can object by handing in a letter to DCC in Civic Offices or you can go online to the Planning Section of and register and make an observation.  It costs 20 euro.

Unfortunately, closing date for objections is tomorrow Monday 29th July 2019 by 5pm.

DCC Objection Rose Cottage

DCC no longer using chemical weed killers


You may have noticed that our area and in fact the Northside of Dublin in general is not looking too good due to the huge amount of weeds growing on our footpaths and in the gullies on our roads.

On checking with DCC Cabra Office we were advised that they are not using chemical weed killers due to ongoing litigation by the equivalent of council staff in the US and Europe. Many of us will welcome this decision for the safety of council workers.

We would like to encourage residents, where they are able, to clear the gullies and footpaths outside their own houses and perhaps to help out elderly neighbours who may not be able to do this for themselves.

We would also encourage Dublin City Council to make the situation known to residents of Dublin by starting a social media campaign and encouraging residents to take responsibility for the area outside their own homes.