Update 28th October – plus notice of Public Meeting

Monthly meeting Wednesday 2nd November 8.00 p.m. Parish Centre. We hope to see good attendance to discuss some important issues.
Bus Stop/Shelter out of City at Ashtown (Belleville side.)   

Dublin Bus have been replacing bus shelters along the Navan Road recently. The community council had requested them to set back this particular bus stop as it was dangerously close to the kerb, buses had to wait for passengers to alight and walk away before moving off. We got an extremely quick reply agreeing to our request – job safely done very quickly, and we have thanked Dublin Bus for this, and for the tidy, clean and FLAT surfaces they have left behind at each new Bus Shelter. This cannot be said about many footpaths throughout our area.

Dangerous/Uneven footpaths    

We have noted and sent to DCC a list of these, stretching from Ashtown to the Church gates along Navan Road, all listed as per the closest house number – sent some months ago, with a couple reminders since. The work is with road maintenance at present. If you have similar concerns you must list nearest house number for identification – contact DCC Cabra office at 01 2227400 or email to Cabraoffice@dublincity.ie 

Dublin City Development Plan 2017-22

The final debate, by our elected Councillors, took place at the end of September in City Hall. We attended, as the public are entitled to attend and listen to all such debates. One controversial result was to allow a higher rise within the City and outer areas, such as Navan Road. Uniquely for Dublin,  8 residential storeys is now redefined as ‘low rise’ in the Inner City. In the suburbs, up to 5 storeys will be permitted, within 2 storey areas, and within 1/2 km of a train or Luas line buildings may be up to 8 storeys. This decision was a compromise one and took place not in public but behind closed doors.

For more information see http://dublincitydevelopmentplan.ie

Update – 18 October 2016

Speeding Navan Road & cutting lights; At the recent Policing Forum we drew attention to our Community Sgt. and Gardaí of speeding & cutting lights on our section of Navan Road, suggesting various methods of control. It is not Gardaí who decide where safety notices/signs/lights etc. are placed – we are required to write to Traffic Advisory Body in DCC which we will be doing.
Ashtown Grove; we also requested of DCC officials present – that they mark out the parking areas on both sides of the shops to allow for proper organised parking and to consider time restrictions on part of the parking area so that our residents can park and use our local shops. At present there is a lot of all day commuter parking, making it very difficult for local shoppers. We will inform you of both outcomes.  

Suspicious cars; Gardaí at the Forum ask that anyone who feels there may be a suspicious car within their housing area, there is no point calling Cabra station, unless you have noted the registration number (only if it is safe to do so, and not in view of a driver).

Things to do in Phoenix Park and Visitor Centre www.phoenixpark.ie Phone: 01 6770095

Web; www.navanroad.com Phone; 089 2010724.

Dog Fouling

Sorry to put people off their lunches but as you can see in these pictures, last week we came across a lovely pile of dog dirt in  John Boscos schoolyard, of all places.  The white line you see is the line that the children queue up on to enter school in the mornings. We are appalled that Navan Road residents are letting their dogs run around the yard, we have witnessed some doing it late at night. There are railings around the Junior Boys’ School and it would appear that owners are letting their dogs squeeze under the railings to do whatever they like in that yard. 

This problem is becoming an epidemic in the area, both on footpaths and on green areas such as Ashington Park. The fact that some owners go deliberately to a yard or area where children will be playing defies belief. It is not difficult to take bags with you and pick up after your dog. There are even free bags available from Dublin City Council. 

This link contains information from Dublin City Council on attitudes to dog fouling. Dog dirt is a potential health hazard, especially to children. Please pick up after your dog. There are enough signs in the area advising you to do so and nobody should see this as acceptable behaviour.