Update – 29th May

MONTHLY MEETING – Wednesday 1st June 8.00pm Parish Centre. We encourage our new attendees to consider joining us on a regular basis. We always need good people to help lighten the load. 
BLOOM/PHOENIX PARK. Thurs 2nd to Mon 6th June. 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. each day. One of the highlights of summer, but not without its traffic issues for the Navan Road area. We try to have a meeting with organisers before the event, and have already urged in writing that they ensure traffic Gardaí on duty have some local knowledge to better direct lost souls. Last year such drivers caused delays in Baggot Road/Villa Park areas searching for directions.ASHTOWN GATE will be closed to traffic, except emergency and Park residents; CABRA GATE – No right turn inside; Parking on Chesterfield Ave. restricted; No Parking on Old Lamp Road (Triangle Rd). www.bloominthepark.com   

 ROUNDABOUT TREES; We were assured work to commence, (“with traffic plan in place”) on Saturday 28th May. Lower branches will be thinned out to improve visibility through the roundabout. 

Update 20th May

WANT TO BE MORE INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY? – Come to our meetings 1st Wednesday of every month (except Jan & Aug), or contact us through our website navanroad.com. If you have any interest in local issues such as traffic, crime, planning, taking care of your area this is the ideal forum for discussion. We also run the Community Text Alert scheme for Navan Road which sends Garda notifications direct to your mobile phone. Details on website as above. We would love some new people with their ideas. 

PHOENIX PARK: Usual closure of Chesterfield Avenue to traffic over summer, from Phoenix Monument to Mountjoy Cross from Fridays 8.00 p.m. to Sundays 8.00 p.m. and public holidays, under its Conservation Management Plan. Started early this year on Friday 29th April. You can walk, cycle or skate along the Avenue or teach children without fear of traffic and enjoy the great recreational amenity we have on our doorsteps.