Weekly update plus notice of public meeting

Monthly meeting this Wednesday 4th November 8.00 p.m. Parish Centre. All very welcome. 

TEXT ALERTS; Information and opportunity to join at meeting, cost €10.00 for more than a year. see http://www.navanroad.com

PLANNING; New Temporary Educate Together School for Ashtown/Pelletstown to open September – announced by Dept. of Education earlier in year. Plan No. 2657/15 lodged April 2015. We had to submit an observation- ‘Welcoming the long overdue school’, but pointing out the serious traffic dangers at the proposed site ( corner area beside Scribblestown/River Road crossroads – ‘with no pedestrian crossings there, or indeed anywhere throughout the entire Pelletstown development’. Belatedly DCC investigated and demanded 2 pedestrian crossing be put in place BEFORE the school could open, plus other technical matters. As a result the new junior infant children are currently schooled in the basement area of a Community Centre within Pelletstown/Rathborne.      It appears that preparatory works have just now commenced on the site for the temporary school. A school was written in to the original Action Plan 2000 for Pelletstown, but never built. 

Plan No 3666/15 for housing in Pelletstown. We have submitted to this also, welcoming the provision of lower rise housing. However the plan contains 577 car parking spaces so we have objected to this aspect, as premature to :- a) provision of new station; b) re-opening of 120 bus terminus at Ashtown, serving the existing Astown Station, so people can use public transport, rather then need for cars; c) safety corrective measures are taken with Ashtown roundabout, (demanded by National Roads Authority in 2009, when they themselves objected to a previous application within Pelletstown because of this traffic hazard). We still await a twice requested meeting with Min. for Transport on this last issue. Half 577 cars = 288 extra cars up Ashtown Road and our wider area.

Further information on all above and other matters at our meeting on Wednesday. Your views & support always welcome.

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Navan Road Community Council

Navan Road Community Council was set up in 1968 to help bring together community groups and sporting groups, so that they would have one voice when trying to get things done in the community. These days the NRCC lobbies Dublin City Council and local representatives in relation to issues such as traffic, planning and policing to name a few.

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