Ashtown Level Crossing

Irish Rail have published plans to close Ashtown level crossing and 5 others on the Maynooth line.There are several fly-over or tunnel options proposed to replace the Ashtown Road access, none of them particularly pedestrian friendly, and could involve a lonely walk under a tunnel, or over a long winding bridge. The impact on existing properties in the area between Ashtown Station and Martin Savage Park houses could be considerable, depending on which option is pursued.
None of the options currently being considered allow for the automation of the existing level crossing, which we have been requesting from Irish Rail for many years, and would of course be far cheaper. The tunnel, or flyover is unlikely to require planning permission as it can be classified as necessary strategic infrastructure.
Below are extracts from a report obtained from the NTA by Cllr Roderic O’Gorman showing the options under consideration. One option goes up Mill Lane and behind the Ashtown Riding Stables, emerging beyond Super Valu. The other option involves a horse shoe shaped flyover veering right off the existing Ashtown Road, encroaching on Martin Savage Park and the end of the playing fields.These will be up for discussion at our next public meeting on Wednesday 2nd  December at 8pm in the parish centre. All are welcome. 


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Navan Road Community Council

Navan Road Community Council was set up in 1968 to help bring together community groups and sporting groups, so that they would have one voice when trying to get things done in the community. These days the NRCC lobbies Dublin City Council and local representatives in relation to issues such as traffic, planning and policing to name a few.

2 thoughts on “Ashtown Level Crossing”

  1. there would be ongoing costs with electrification of the Ashtown/Maynooth line. i.e. highly specialised staff have to monitor them, and there is always the possibility of accidents. The bridge at Ratoath crossing is very successful.


    1. Betty, it may very well be the case that Ashtown residents will not mind the disruption of an 18 month build and being cut off from a previously accessible pedestrian route. Ratoath Road has no pedestrian traffic to speak of and the estates nearest the bridge had to endure many months of noise , dust and night-work while the build was was completed. This report is not freely available, which is quite telling.


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