Ashington Park


There is a possibility that seating could be installed in Ashington Park in the near future. At present there are no such facilities which would allow walkers to rest and enjoy the park. This has thrown up questions around the design and use of the park itself. At present there are large grass mounds on the perimeter of the park which prevents the park from being overlooked from the road. There is a feeling that the removal of these mounds would open up the park, making it more visible and therefore safer. There is little point in installing seating only to have it vandalised easily. Our playground lasted all of six months before being destroyed.

We are seeking opinions on the park and its usage. How do you feel it could be improved? We will then take these opinions to Dublin City Council. There is a poll below. Feel free to comment here or on our Facebook page.

NRCC’s Submission on Event Licence Application for Ed Sheeran Concerts – May 2018


NRCC is operating since 1968 dealing with residents associations, individual residents and any other groups who might wish to approach us,  throughout Navan Road,  residential areas on North and South side of Navan Road, and Blackhorse Avenue  abutting Phoenix Park. We have participated in all applications for these large scale music events in the Phoenix Park – meeting with promoters and gardai and keeping local residents informed.

  • A ‘Public Meeting’ held on 26th September in Castleknock Hotel, was so badly communicated to the ‘public’  that only  12 members of the public were in attendance, including our rep. A previous meeting at some date in August, was said at this meeting  to be intended for ‘public reps only’ – although local public reps we have spoken to  were unaware of such an  event – subsequently ‘cancelled’ – an unfortunate lack of care and concern for the Phoenix Park.
  • We refer to the following protocol, put in place by Executive Manager DCC, following previous concerts in the Phoenix Park, but not followed   –

     ‘Review for Economic Development & Planning & International

      Relations SPC in respect of Public Event Licences’

   No Planning notice was listed in Planning Lists as per Item 3.

We  set out below our main areas of Concern:-


  • Phoenix Park a National Historic Park and Historic Garden.



  • Nuisance abatement measures to minimise impact on local residents


surrounding the Phoenix Park.


*UNESCO Safeguarding Beauty & Character of Landscape and Sites – 1962;

*Convention for Protection of Architectural Heritage of Europe – 1985 –


*ICOMOS Charters & Conventions of which the following are more pertinent:-

Athens Charter for Restoration of Historic Monuments (1931) ;

Venice Charter (1964)

Convention concerning Protection of World Cultural & Natural Heritage 1972

Burra Charter 1979, revised 1999;

Historic Gardens – Florence Charter 1981;

Charter for Protection and Management of Archaeological Heritage – The Valetta Convention 1960;

Principles for Recording of Monuments, Groups of Buildings and Sites 1996;

International Cultural Tourism Charter 1999.”

As a matter of record, we would draw Dublin City Council attention to the following definition included within the 1962 Charter referred to above:

“At  the 12th session of General Conference of UNESCO held in Paris 11th December, 1962 – the Recommendation concerning the safeguarding of the Beauty and Character of Landscape and Sites was adopted.

The recommendation covers the protection not only of natural landscapes and sites but also man-made landscapes.”

It is our contention that the Phoenix Park falls within that designation.

The Council of Europe Convention for the Protection of the Architectural heritage in Europe was ADOPTED BY THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL OF MINISTERS and opened for signature in Granada on 3rd October, 1985 –

Ireland  being among the signatories.

Ireland  as a contracting party will be obliged to protect its identified Architectural Heritage and, in the meantime, should not take measures which are contrary to the convention.”

We fail to understand how granting Licences for three  large scale events, attracting 61,000 paid attendees on three separate days, (including at least 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after for set up and take down)  – the subject of the current application “Protects Irelands identified Architectural Heritage”


Should  DCC grant an Events Licence for the proposed Concerts on 16th/

18th/19th May, 2018  –   the following Conditions must be imposed:-


Suitable temporary tracking be placed leading off any roadway abutting the venue, and all the way into the venue from the drop-off area, to facilitate wheel-chair users, BUT ensuring that the adjoining cycle lanes are not interfered with..


Ambulances be paid for and stationed at Ashtown, & Castleknock Gates and Parkgate entrances to Phoenix Park, in the hope of preventing any further unfortunate incidents , as occurred  previously.


A decision made, announced on radio, T.V. and Newspapers as to which Hospital will be put on call during the events. Previously, anecdotal evidence indicates that both Blanchardstown A&E, and Temple Street Childrens Hospital were inundated with casualties, and drunks, without any warning, and without being suitably prepared or forewarned.  As usual, it has been confirmed that drink will be on sale within the event area.


Sufficient buses be hired and paid for, from Dublin Bus or another licensed operator, to enable patrons  be brought directly to and from the venue quickly, to prevent accidents in the Phoenix Park, where the ground can be very wet and slippery, and where it is very dark at night. The proposed drop-off/pick-up point at Acres Road is 2km (a 20 minute walk) away from the venue. We would consider this to be too far away for patrons who are unfamiliar with the park and may be unsuitably dressed. Some of our members witnessed scenes in 2013, of concert-goers stumbling in poor light down Chesterfield Avenue after Justin Timberlake. Bringing buses closer to the arena exit would avoid confusion and possible injuries.

We estimate approximately 340 buses will be required to take all of the concert attendees home. This can be divided up with a continuous shuttle of say, 50 buses running up and down to O’Connell Bridge every 2 minutes from the main road in Phoenix Park close to the venue site. A row of buses could be parked on the hard shoulder of main road in Park from Mountjoy roundabout to Eagle monument, and as each fills up, it could depart for City centre.

Condition :SIGNAGE

Clear illuminated signage directing those leaving each event to the correct local bus stops.   The local Navan Road  D.Bus stops are indicated on drawings shown at the public meeting on 26th September.    However, if  Concert goers use these local buses to travel to the events, local residents will be unable to safely access their own bus routes  CONFIRMING the need set out above for sufficient buses to be hired and paid for, prior to the events to bring patrons directly to & from  the events and be  adequately advertised.

Train services throughout the country should be advertised to try alleviate queues of cars accessing the events, clogging up local residential areas as has occurred previously.  This at times prevents householders accessing/

Exiting their own homes and prevents entry of emergency vehicles.

Condition: LIGHTING

Lighting be set up surrounding the venue, and leading all the way to main gates, to prevent accidents, and/or danger to people, especially those who might be vulnerable due to age, inebriation or separation from  their friends, who might get lost in the total darkness, after the event. There are long ditches abutting the main avenue which fill with water in wet weather.


The ground of the entire venue be covered in a matting, as happens in Croke Park, to prevent even more damage occurring than was apparent after recent concerts.

Failure to impose the above minimum public safety conditions would amount to a reckless disregard for public safety.


Adequate number of bins be provided on routes to, and inside the venue.

Dublin City Council to take responsibility for cleanup of entire Phoenix Park and surrounding residential areas, during and following each Concert, including the surrounding areas of Navan Road/Blackhorse Avenue/ Ashtown/Pelletstown, and other residential roads within that area,  and also Castleknock,  which becomes  Fingal area to left of Ashtown Gate.

Precautions  be taken, and paid for by promoters, of the new Tolka Valley Park, recently open to the public,  which has been  invaded  by swarms of youths with bags of drink during  previous Concerts within Phoenix Park. All litter to be cleared and removed within 24 hours of each concert.


Sufficient numbers of  Portaloos   be provided, and arrangements made for these to be inspected and cleaned during the course of each event,  to ensure that they remain usable.  At some previous  concerts  these were in a filthy state, and concert goers were seen walking away from them, and using the Park as a public toilet, when not using gardens in residential areas surrounding Phoenix Park as toilets .      

Gardens are regularly used as such by Concert goers leaving the events.

Condition: BOND

Bond – a bond is normally put in place with OPW.

This year such a Bond must be increased sufficiently, and be available to recompense residents with proof of loss/damage/vandalism/cleaning costs as a result of the actions of concert-goers.    Evidence of the provision of  this bond be clearly shown on the event file/s

Condition;  SECURITY

All security personnel should be FETAC trained and those stationed near to childrens  recreational areas within Phoenix Park should be Garda vetted.



Recent queries raised at a public meeting on 26th Sept, went unanswered  as to whether all  pedestrian gates will  remain open on each day of an event.   

It is unclear if Gardai  might decide to close gates without just cause, as they have done in the past, causing considerable inconvenience and annoyance to local residents and families who use the park on a daily basis for walking, running, cycling etc.    

The primary purpose of Phoenix Park is for public recreation, and interference in that function will be regarded as prima facie evidence that the event that caused such interference is an unsuitable use of the facilities provided by Phoenix Park.

In particular, the practice of locking all pedestrian gates without notice and forcing residents and commuting cyclists to use vehicular gates remote from their normal itineraries will be recorded and used as grounds on which to object to future events being licensed.

All pedestrian access gates are to be manned by uniformed security personnel and fitted with suitable crash barriers sufficient to ensure that proper crowd control can be in place, and crush injuries avoided.

CONDITION : That no sudden change of entry gates for concert goers be allowed.,

This took place previously, causing  a sudden rush of people crushing through to gain access.  Injuries to people are likely to end as a Personal Injuries Claim against DCC as well as Festival Organisers,  and in the interest of DCC economics can and should   be avoided by this Condition.




Have your say – Wed 6th September 

Public meeting

Navan Road Community Council’s public meetings are back after the summer. The next one is on Wednesday 6th September at 8pm in the parish centre. All are welcome.

Residents have been contacting us over the summer with various issues which you may be interested in discussing on the night…

– Traffic and speeding on all routes around Kinvara/The Glens/Croaghpatrick Road/Skreen Rd/Nephin Road

-Development of the Cabra Farm site at Nephin Rd/Navan Rd

-Request for re-installation of a playground in Ashington Park

-Pelletstown/Ashington railway station 

…plus the usual, dog fouling, parking illegally and speeding on the Navan Road.

Policing Forum

Also, the Navan Road/Pelletstown Policing Forum will take place on Thursday 28th September at 7pm in Royal Canal Park Community Centre. This is your chance to bring issues to the attention of an Garda Siochána and Dublin City Council in a public arena. Any items can be sent to us on before 14th September and we will forward them for inclusion on the agenda. 

Update 2nd April – notice of monthly meeting

Notice of Monthly meeting Wednesday 5th April 8.00 pm Parish Centre – ends approx. 9.30.
Report From Policing Forum 23rd March :-    
Illegal parking on footpaths raised by many – Gardaí to visit all areas/will impose parking enforcement ;

Bad behaviour at Keyhole (Kinvara Park) entrance to schools, endangering children daily – Gardaí will look at parking enforcement relating to all cars illegally parked.

Requests for speed deterrents Navan Road has gone to Traffic Advisory (TAG) which takes 5 stages. Flashing speed signs are in use within Fingal/D.15 to good effect;

Ashtown Grove – marked for road repairs – we have asked if this to be piecemeal or a proper repair – await confirmation.
 Opinions welcome – Bring your suggestions to our meeting on 5th April.

Update 24 February plus notice of meeting

Our meeting Wednesday 1st March 8.00 pm Parish Centre. We would love to have new people consider joining, and if you have professional experience to offer even better. Attendances at monthly meetings, occasional Committee meeting, and some DCC Council meetings . Also Navan Road/Pelletstown Police Forum, about 3/4 times a year. We were lobbying for this before Pelletstown lands were even re-zoned – some things take gigantic efforts, so determination helps! Result – Forum held alternately on Navan Road and a Pelletstown community centre.
Community Gardaí inform us via our Text Alert system – they will supply an information pack about Personal pendant alarms, such as Pendant; Watch; Fall alarm. Normal cost €250, free to all over 65. NOTE; There is a €66 annual monitoring fee. Information Packs be collected from Cabra Station, or ring 01 6667420, Community Gardaí 01 6667421 – leave a message on voicemail if not there – their work takes them out & about

Navan Road – Parking during School Runs

We are asked to remind parents of ongoing parking issues at the keyhole area in Kinvara Park, at school pick up times. Small children are in danger daily from badly parked/badly turning cars. PLEASE do not park in or block driveways, clearways, double yellow lines, or anywhere that might cause obstruction, at
-Keyhole Kinvara Park; 

– Villa Park

– on Navan Road, especially on marked clearway outside Church and Doctors’ Surgery

– in spaces for disabled drivers

The car park behind the church is designated for parent parking.

Constituency Commission – submission date 10th January

Tuesday 10th January is the deadline for submissions to the above commission. As you may be aware, the community council is of the opinion that the Navan Road area should revert to Dublin Central for the next General Election. The text of that submission is set out below. 

Anyone wishing to make their own submission can do so via email or post. 

Submissions can be emailed to 

or by post to 
The Secretary 

Constituency Commission 

Room 1.65 

Custom House 

Dublin 1 

Further details are at

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to make the following submission to the current Constituency Commission on behalf of the Navan Road Community Council.
1. That Dublin Central reverts to a four-seater constituency.

2. That the electoral areas of Navan Road, Ashtown A and Ashtown B be returned from Dublin West to Dublin Central.
Following the last Constituency Commission it was decided to remove an area of Swords from Dublin West. In order to maintain Dublin West as a four seat constituency it was decided to carve up Dublin Central and transfer from Dublin Central to Dublin West Ashtown A, Ashtown B and a part of the electoral division of the Phoenix Park.

This was to the detriment of those remaining in the new Dublin Central and residents who were moved into other constituencies.

Dublin Central was redrawn as a three seat constituency. A three seat is not the ideal type of constituency as every effort was previously made by Commissions to minimise the number of these sized constituencies across the country.

The redrawn boundaries also meant that the socio-economic balance of the constituency was upset. There is a concentration of lower socio-economic groups in Dublin Central where the majority of CSO respondents indicated that they were in non-professional groups, mainly D, E, F and G. A proper socio-economic balance needs to be restored.

The changes have also disrupted the socio-economic profile in surrounding constituencies. The removal of areas with higher socio-economic groupings from Dublin Central led to them being added into other constituencies such as Dublin West, which already has a large group who identify themselves as being in the higher socio-economic groups. This will have shifted the balance in that constituency. 

New census information shows that a three seat Dublin Central will far exceed the limits allowed in the legislation governing the number of people (30,000) per TD. This will mean that boundary changes are required. Dublin Central should be returned to a four seat constituency.

The division of Dublin Central and the redistribution of the Navan Road area (Ashtown A, Ashtown B) into Dublin West also had other negative consequences. 

Firstly, it has resulted in our area being divided into two parts one of which is in Dublin Central and represented by Councillors in Dublin City Council. The other part is in Dublin West but represented by Councillors in Dublin City Council. 

In the 2016 General Election no sitting Dublin Central TD contested the election in Dublin West. This left us feeling disenfranchised as the elected TD’s for Dublin West are concentrated and invested in the residents in the original parts of that constituency.

Representing our residents often means liaising with local and national representatives. This has been made much more difficult now that part of our area is represented by TDs with no connection to the Local Authority in Dublin City Council. 

This situation was made worse when the local election boundaries were changed placing the Navan Road area into the Cabra/Finglas Ward which covers three General Election Constituencies.

“The Commission is not required to avoid the breaching of the boundaries between the local government counties of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin and between these and Dublin city. However, given that these county administrative boundaries are in place for over 18 years the Commission recommends adherence to these boundaries where this is feasible and practicable”

We would draw your attention to the findings of the previous Commission (see above) in relation to the removal of Swords from Dublin West.and would respectfully request that Ashtown A, Ashtown B and the part of the Phoenix Park be reinstated into a four seat Dublin Central Constituency.”

Update – 18 October 2016

Speeding Navan Road & cutting lights; At the recent Policing Forum we drew attention to our Community Sgt. and Gardaí of speeding & cutting lights on our section of Navan Road, suggesting various methods of control. It is not Gardaí who decide where safety notices/signs/lights etc. are placed – we are required to write to Traffic Advisory Body in DCC which we will be doing.
Ashtown Grove; we also requested of DCC officials present – that they mark out the parking areas on both sides of the shops to allow for proper organised parking and to consider time restrictions on part of the parking area so that our residents can park and use our local shops. At present there is a lot of all day commuter parking, making it very difficult for local shoppers. We will inform you of both outcomes.  

Suspicious cars; Gardaí at the Forum ask that anyone who feels there may be a suspicious car within their housing area, there is no point calling Cabra station, unless you have noted the registration number (only if it is safe to do so, and not in view of a driver).

Things to do in Phoenix Park and Visitor Centre Phone: 01 6770095

Web; Phone; 089 2010724.

Update – 19 June 2016

YOUR POLICE FORUM – Thursday 23rd June Navan Road Parish Centre (behind the church)7pm, ends 9pm. sharp. An opportunity to engage with YOUR Gardaí; YOUR DCC Council officials; YOUR public reps. 


Lots of activities in the Visitor Centre – 2016 Programme just released to us Ph. 01-6770095.  

Childrens’ Art workshops Sundays 11 am – 12.30 pm.   

Adult walks and talks; Bird & Wildlife events; Art exhibitions;  

ALSO – OPW/guided tours:- Grangegorman Military Cemetery (Bl. Ave.) every Thursday at 11 a.m. till November – (“weather permitting/not on windy days”); AND     

National War Memorial Gardens, Islandbridge every Saturday at 2 p.m. till October – meet inside gates;  

Tours Aras an Uachtarain Saturdays between 10.30 – 3.30 from Visitor Centre/no group bookings.  

Meet Gardeners in Victorian Walled Garden – second Sat. each month between 10.30 – 12.30.    

 JULY only – ECO summer camps/€10.00 per child per day Tues. & Thurs. 10.00 – 3.30 – booking essential. 

email – 

Ph. 01-6770095

Update 20th May

WANT TO BE MORE INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY? – Come to our meetings 1st Wednesday of every month (except Jan & Aug), or contact us through our website If you have any interest in local issues such as traffic, crime, planning, taking care of your area this is the ideal forum for discussion. We also run the Community Text Alert scheme for Navan Road which sends Garda notifications direct to your mobile phone. Details on website as above. We would love some new people with their ideas. 

PHOENIX PARK: Usual closure of Chesterfield Avenue to traffic over summer, from Phoenix Monument to Mountjoy Cross from Fridays 8.00 p.m. to Sundays 8.00 p.m. and public holidays, under its Conservation Management Plan. Started early this year on Friday 29th April. You can walk, cycle or skate along the Avenue or teach children without fear of traffic and enjoy the great recreational amenity we have on our doorsteps.