Cabra Library Mid Term Online Art Workshops

Chileren’s Online Art Workshops Cabra Library The Record Keepers Thursday February 18th  10.30am 6-8 age group, 12noon 9-12 age groupFriday,  19th  February 10.30 am : 6-8  yrs, 12.00 pm : 9-12 yrs Booking:

This online workshop will be delivered via Zoom and a link will be sent to your email address prior to the workshop.

 Materials Required: Two sheets of paper, anything you would like to draw with, pencils, markers, crayons, pens, + an object important to you that you would be happy to draw, this could be a toy, crystal, seashell, keychain, pinecone, stone,  ….. These online workshops are designed for children to explore and get involved in art-making at home. After looking at the exhibition together, using simple drawing materials, children will work with artist Olivia Normile to ask questions. Barbara Knezevic’ The Record Keepers is a beautiful exhibition for children at Cabra Library Creative Hub, inspired by Amethysts. Why are objects precious to us? How do they make us feel? Might different colours or objects have special powers? Olivia will guide children through these questions and more, while also encouraging their own drawing and discussions. At the end of the workshop, children will have their own mini-booklet containing drawings and thoughts about their own precious object. 

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