Cabra Library Mid Term Online Art Workshops

Chileren’s Online Art Workshops Cabra Library The Record Keepers Thursday February 18th  10.30am 6-8 age group, 12noon 9-12 age groupFriday,  19th  February 10.30 am : 6-8  yrs, 12.00 pm : 9-12 yrs Booking:

This online workshop will be delivered via Zoom and a link will be sent to your email address prior to the workshop.

 Materials Required: Two sheets of paper, anything you would like to draw with, pencils, markers, crayons, pens, + an object important to you that you would be happy to draw, this could be a toy, crystal, seashell, keychain, pinecone, stone,  ….. These online workshops are designed for children to explore and get involved in art-making at home. After looking at the exhibition together, using simple drawing materials, children will work with artist Olivia Normile to ask questions. Barbara Knezevic’ The Record Keepers is a beautiful exhibition for children at Cabra Library Creative Hub, inspired by Amethysts. Why are objects precious to us? How do they make us feel? Might different colours or objects have special powers? Olivia will guide children through these questions and more, while also encouraging their own drawing and discussions. At the end of the workshop, children will have their own mini-booklet containing drawings and thoughts about their own precious object. 


It has been clear throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and restrictions just how important the Phoenix Park is to the people of Dublin and beyond. To some of us it has always been a special place in need of protection. Now many thousands more Dubliners understand how important it is and the need to protect it while also making it more accessible and safer. It has been really encouraging to see the efforts made by the OPW to make the Park safer for pedestrians and cyclists during this time.

On Friday the 29th January 2021 Minister O’Donovan (Minister of State for the OPW) announced the commencement of the Phoenix Park Transport and Mobility Options Public Consultation. You can view the study and make your submissions at The consultation is online only, which means that many people may not be aware of it, so if you know of neighbours/friends who are not online please share with them. The consultation runs for six weeks with a closing date of Friday 12th March 2021.

This is the third traffic study in recent times. The first study was compiled by Faber Maunsel in 2006. The second was in 2018. We heard no details from this study and to our knowledge it was never published. The third is this present Mobility Study.

We have always been of the opinion that the Phoenix Park is not the place for a public bus service due to the dangers of bus routes being run through all parts of the Park. Also such service might be in danger of privatisation. BUT we would welcome the return of the Phoenix Park Shuttle Bus, travelling out to Heuston Station to pick up visitors from elsewhere and removing the need to drive. This shuttle bus was a hail and ride system, so people could get on or off wherever they chose and it was free.  The problem with the original shuttle bus was that it was confined to the Park and did not travel to Heuston Station to pick up visitors using the train and/or the Luas. Although we did suggest this at the time.

We are aware of two online public meetings on the proposals. The first we heard of is being held by Deputy Neasa Hourigan on Monday, 15th February at 7pm, which you can sign up to here: Please feel free to share with anyone who may be interested.

The second is being held by Senator Emer Currie. You can register by emailing her at Unfortunately, it will be also be held on Monday 15th at 7pm. Tanaiste Leo Varadkar will also attend, subject to Government business.

We are urging as many people as possible to read the Mobility Plan and to make submissions and comments by the closing date of Friday 12th March 2021.



  1. Quality of Life
  • Why has the NTA ignored the issue of Quality of Life in its plan for the Blanchardstown to City Centre Core Bus Corridor 5? The proposed removal of trees before and after the Ashtown Roundabout and the Compulsory Purchase of sections of front gardens, pedestrian path width reduction and redistribution of traffic from Old Cabra Road are some examples. 
  • Trees
  • The trees on the Navan Road from the M50 interchange as far as the Ashtown Roundabout will be almost entirely eliminated in the NTA proposal. The Street Trees on the Navan Road from the Ashtown Roundabout to Cabra Cross will be reduced by at least 150 in the NTA proposal proposals.  These trees are a major component of the Quality of Life of our area and community and they also contribute positively to the reduction of Climate Change impacts. 
  • Can you explain how the NTA can propose to remove 150 Street trees and still find space for new trees to grow? 
  • Where is the expert arboriculture and horticulture expertise to guide the NTA?
  • Why has the NTA not considered other proposals for retaining the trees in tandem with considering alternative ideas for dealing with car traffic, public transport and cycling and walking?
  • The NTA is proposing trees in the public footpaths.  Surely there will be a conflict here between the pedestrian and the trees? And remember pedestrians include the young, the old and the disabled.
  • Park and Ride
  • Why has the NTA not prepared a plan for Park and Ride centres in tandem with the Core Bus Corridor plan and that is expressly mentioned in the information document? We would propose that it make more sense to intercept car traffic commuters with Park and Ride facilities well in advance of the Dublin County Area.
  • Cycling

Did the NTA consider the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan in their Blanchardstown Core Bus Corridor Plans?

  • If yes, what were the outcomes and can we have a copy?
  • If not, why?
  • Core Bus Corridor requirement

In view of the potential massive changes in workplace attendance and practices post-Covid, has the NTA reconsidered the design and scale of the Core Bus Corridor project and alternatives to reduce impact on local communities? 

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • The proposed Environmental Impact Assessment[1] will be prepared for the Planning Application! You say that it will: 
  • “identify the anticipated environmental effects of the scheme during both the construction and operational stages”.  Where is the identification of the effects of the plan itself on this community?  Surely, before the plan is agreed we as the residents should know what the long term effect on our community is likely to be?
  • According to the project approach to Environmental Assessment[2], “The assessment of traffic and transport impacts such as general traffic re-distribution away from the Proposed CBC on to surrounding roads and specific traffic turning movements at individual junctions.  It also requires an assessment of bus, pedestrian and cycle operations and bus reliability with a focus on the movement of people along the route.

Where are the results demonstrating the traffic re-distribution?  Particularly those impacted by the closure of Old Cabra Road to general through-traffic?

“The LAM has been used throughout the CBC Infrastructure Works to provide all road-based outputs to inform the TIA, EIA and junction design models”[3].  However, there are key questions that challenge the integrity of the modelling.

 Section 5.4 Count Data suggests that “The busiest junction in the study area is the Navan Road/Kempton Avenue junction with 66568 daily movements”.  This cannot be correct as anyone familiar with the CBC corridor would know!

How can these results be accurate since the LAM modelling did not include the key ATC 5.5A and 5.5B on Old Cabra Road?

The diversion of traffic from Old Cabra Road will have significant negative impact on the quality of life of Navan Road residents, particularly those on Blackhorse Avenue, Skreen Road, Nephin Road, Baggot Road and Castleknock Road.  What information does the NTA have to support its contention that the only traffic that will use these roads is local traffic?

  • Why has the NTA not examined the secondary consequences of its plans to divert traffic from Stoneybatter onto other roads – Infirmary Road/Conygham Road/Chapelizod, North Circular Road and Blackhorse Avenue for example?  Interestingly, the NTA does not expressly say that the car traffic will be diverted onto Blackhorse Avenue.  But it will be. Does the NTA not realise that doing this will diminish further the Quality of Life of these neighbourhoods?
  • Pedestrian and cyclist flow
  • There would appear to be future conflicts between the pedestrians attempting to get onto the bus and cyclists who are being directed between the bus and the pedestrian path?  How is this issue to be resolved?
  • You are showing four way crossing points at junctions and which is to be welcomed, in particular for pedestrians.  How will cyclists and pedestrians be protected from conflicts with each other at these junctions including the Ashtown roundabout?
  • What is the crossing time allowed for pedestrians at the four way junctions?
  • What is the international design Best Practice for dealing with conflicts between cyclists, cars and pedestrians?  Is the NTA utilising this Best Practice?
  • In the plan for Bus Gates and Signal Controlled Priority is there an emerging conflict here if pedestrians and/or cyclists are already on junctions and when buses may be approaching them?  If so, how is this conflict to be resolved? 
  • Has the NTA given any consideration to the likely conflict between pedestrians, cyclists and eScooters? 

8.            Ongoing and Future management of the Bus Corridor

Recognising that adherence by motorists and cyclists to the new CBC traffic restrictions, bus lanes, signalised junctions and turn restrictions is fundamental to the success of the CBC, what controls and  Service Level Agreements (e.g. for policing and maintenance) are being or will be implemented to ensure success.

  • Proposed Land Takes
  • There are proposed land takes in a number of private and public land areas. For example, the land takes on public open space in shown in Map 20 Belleville, The Paddocks and Darling estate. How will this land take be undertaken and without affecting the existing trees as well as the amenity of these areas and the function of the public open spaces?  There is no indication in your document that trees will be directly lost. 
  • Similarly, in a previous document there was an intention outlined by the NTA to plant trees in private land as mitigation for the removal of the existing Street Trees.  For example, the School for the Deaf on the Navan Road Map 26.  Why has this now been omitted from the plan but there is no reference to it in this current Third Round document?
  1. Submissions

10.1 In order for the Navan Road Community Council to make a coherent submission to the NTA, the proposals for Corridor 5 – and in particular for the sections that will impact most on our community – the Navan Road Community Council (NRCC) should have access to the full extent of plans, maps, timelines and other documentation. However, much of this detailed information is missing and we are informed that it will be available in the future –but after the submission date. For example:

  • Environment Impact Assessment reports and details
  • Traffic Impact Assessment

This is unfair to the NRCC and to the community of the Navan Road area. Without the fullest extent of the information being made available to our Committee we are literally making a submission in the dark. It is also unfair to the communities of the other 15 corridors.  Can you please provide the timelines for when we will can expect to have this information?

10.2 Our community and the other 15 Core Bus Corridor Communities have had a difficulty in organising community involvement due to the Covid19 pandemic. We have been unable to meet in groups to brief our community and Elected Members in person and in turn receive feedback.  We therefore, strongly suggest that the NTA consultation process should be rescheduled until the current pandemic is considered to be under control and that allows our community to discuss the issues in a proper, open and democratic manner.

[1] Information on the Proposed Approach to Environmental Assessment November 2020, BCIDE-JAC-ENV_ZZ-0005_XX_00-RP-ES-0001

[2]IBID, Section 5.1.1

[3] Blanchardstown to City Centre CBC – Draft-WIP Transport Modelling Report v1 FINAL.docx 


Navan Road Community Council have engaged in all phases of the consultation on BusConnects on both the routes and infrastructure. We will be submitting on the most recent stage.

We find ourselves very frustrated by the lack of proper engagements and the type of answers we have received to our many questions. We have found the final consultation on the 3rd Round of Public Consultation for the Core Bus Corridors Project to be particularly poor and inaccessible, particularly for older residents who may not have access to the internet or social media. We have asked for this phase to be delayed until the Covid crisis has been resolved.  It is not possible to have full and meaningful consultation under the current circumstances.

We are particularly concerned that approximately 150 trees are to be removed from Ashtown Roundabout to Cabra Cross.  Our area will be left a concrete jungle.  At the same time nearly every tree between the railway bridge on the Navan Road to the Ashtown Roundabout would also be removed.  This is going to seriously injure the quality of life of our residents. No trees means more pollution, more noise and a cold sterile environment.

You can view the NTA proposals as follows: 

Virtual Public Information Rooms – A virtual information room has been created for each of the 16 Core Bus Corridors. These can be accessed on our website and will remain open for a six week period. Each virtual room provides details of the Preferred Route Option for each of the corridors including maps and supporting documentation. There is also an Audio option available for the virtual information room.

Website – Updated versions of the 16 Core Bus Corridor Brochures as well as additional supporting documentation are available to view and download on our website . The brochures are also available in HTML, PDF and Audio versions on our website.

We hope that residents of our area will send in their own submissions. Please see our suggestions in our subsequent post.

Your submission can be posted to BusConnects, Dún Scéine, Iveagh Court, Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2, D02 WT20

Or online to

Closing date is Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 5.00pm 

Electrification of the Maynooth Railway Line

As you may be aware Iarnrod Eireann are proposing to electrify the Dublin to Maynooth Railway Line.

This would require the closure of several of the level crossings on the route including Ashtown.

This is the link to the website where you can view and download the Preliminary Options Selection main report. In particular you can view the considered options for Ashtown on pages 121-132

If you are not online you can phone Iarnrod Eireann on 01 8235127 to request further information.

We are not objecting to electrification of the Maynooth train line but to the enormous changes to our environment this would entail.

Iarnrod Eireann are proposing the complete closure of 5 or 6 Level Crossings between here and Maynooth. We have requested for many year that the level crossing at Ashtown should be automated instead of the cumbersome and slow manual crossing.  All DART level crossings in Dublin open/close immediately a train stops in a station and traffic moves on instantly.

Ashtown Level crossing will be closed by a wall and Ashtown Road will become a cul-de-sac.  It is proposed to construct an underground road along and under Mill Lane  (at the rear of the Office Blocks and Ashtown Riding School. As you walk/drive past The Half Way House & Office blocks the proposed entry to Mill Lane will commence just past the office blocks and will travel under the rail lines and the Royal Canal. It would come out somewhere beyond the row of shops that include SuperValu.   This will also mean that the two residential areas of Ashtown and Pelletstown will effectively be cut off from each other for pedestrians and cyclists accessing from Martin Savage Park and Kinvara/Glens.

We were surprised to learn that the pedestrian route for all would be through this tunnel which is approximately 150m long on the Ashtown side and 300m long on the Pelletstown side and will also contain cycle lanes. Apart from a very  lonely route with a very steep climb back up towards the Navan Road all pedestrians and cyclists will be breathing in the confined traffic fumes.

This would also mean that the two residential areas of Ashtown and Pelletstown will effectively be cut off from each other. Pedestrians and cyclists trying to access the station or shops from Kinvara/The Glens through the playing fields at Martin Savage Park would basically be cut off. This would have the effect of forcing people to drive to use these facilities.

A very short ‘Consultation’ period was given by Iarnrod Eireann i.e. one month from 26th August . We lobbied our local T.Ds to request extra time which resulted in two extra weeks up to 11th October. All submissions must be received by that date. Letters to  DART +Maynooth, Iarnrod Eireann, Inchicore Works,  Inchicore Parade,  Dublin 8 DO8K673

NRCC and many others throughout Dublin 15 continue to request a further extended period be given for the public to learn about this and to submit if they wish.       

Following all consultation Iarnrod Eireann hope to lodge a Planning Application directly to An Bord Pleanala some time next year.

14 Storey Blocks Coming to Rathborne

We have learned of a new Planning Application which has been lodged for Rathborne Avenue towards the Ashtown Station end of Pelletstown.

The new application which is for a Strategic Housing Development and made directly to An Bord Pleanala Ref: No: 307656 is for 725 total dwellings in six blocks ranging from one to fourteen storeys.

It also appears that 92 houses from a previous application (3666/15) granted for this site are not affected by this new application which would mean, if granted, that there would be 817 total dwellings on the site.

If you would like to object or comment on this application you must do so to An Bord Pleanala by post or in person quoting Ref. No: 307656 by 5pm next Tuesday 25th August 2020 accompanied by the fee of 20 euro. It is not possible to object/comment online.

The OPW announce new social distancing arrangements for The Phoenix Park



The OPW have today announced new social distancing arrangements for The Phoenix Park to take into account the proposed lifting of restrictions by the Government starting on Monday 18th May 2020.

The main changes to assist walking, running & cycling while maintaining social distancing are set out below.


OPW announces Social Distancing Plan for the Phoenix Park

The Office of Public Works today announced the following temporary safety measures to be implemented in the Phoenix Park from Monday, 18th May 2020, to facilitate the changing needs of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The use of the Phoenix Park as a recreational space has significantly increased over the last number of weeks. The Phoenix Park provides numerous opportunities for green exercise while connecting with nature, thus improving the mental health and wellbeing of all citizens who utilise its wonderful amenities.

Current cycling and pedestrian usage has raised significant new road safety issues not experienced before to this extent and these will be exacerbated with the reintroduction of vehicles into the Phoenix Park.

With public safety to the forefront, this proposal for social distancing aims to provide the public with a safe place to practice social distancing from each other while they walk, run, exercise and travel by bike and adhere to the 2m rule. These measures are being introduced by the OPW in consultation with the Gardai.

These temporary measures include the following: –

  • Provide cocooning space at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre Walled Garden from 10am to 1pm, daily.
  • Provide priority cocooning car parking at the Phoenix Park Visitor Centre for those cocooning and using the walled garden.
  • Repurpose a portion of the North Road from the Cabra Gate to GHQ as a 2m wide footpath.
  • Instillation of one-way cycle lanes on the hard shoulder of Chesterfield Avenue to facilitate 2m social distancing.
  • Convert the current cycle lanes adjacent to Chesterfield Avenue into pedestrian footpaths
  • Open car parks at 10am daily from the 18th May in line with Phase 1 of the Government of Ireland Roadmap.
  • Dedicated parking areas will be provided for those taking early morning exercise.
  • Prioritise car parking for Dublin Zoo patrons in conjunction with their phased reopening
  • Introduction of pedestrianised & leisure cycle shared space on the Kyber Road.
  • Re-open the perimeter vehicular gates at 10am daily from the 8th June in line with Phase 2 of the Government of Ireland Roadmap.

These temporary safety measure will be regularly reviewed by OPW in line with HSE Guidelines and Government of Ireland advice.


For further information contact


Pobail Phluinceid – St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh GAA Club – Here to help during Covid19 Emergency – Phone (01) 90 20 20 1


About 2 weeks ago, St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh GAA Club set up a delivery service to deliver prescriptions from Meaghers Pharmacy, Kinvara Park for people over 70, who are  ocooning or who have underlying medical problems. This has been a great success.

Last week, they expanded the system to include fuel, groceries and other necessities for people not able to get them themselves.  People can call  01 90 20 20 1 which will ring on one of their volunteer mobiles and they will coordinate with their club members who can carry out the request. They have also contacted our local SuperValu store at Rathborne and arranged to commence deliveries from the store today, Monday 30th March.

The service is called Pobal Phluincéid and they plan to drop leaflets to the homes in the neighbourhood this week with the contact number as many who may need the service in the area do not use social media. All the volunteers live in the immediate area and they are coordinating daily response teams.

If you are aware of anyone who might require this service please pass on the phone number.

Next NRCC Meeting and Text Alert Renewal


The next meeting of the Navan Road Community Council will take place tomorrow Wednesday 4th March 2020 at 8pm in the Parish Centre, Navan Road.  Everyone welcome to attend.

If you wish to renew your subscription to or join our Navan Road Text Alert Scheme (see details on our webpage) please drop in before the meeting from 7.30pm. You can also join/renew through PayPal on our webpage.