Upcoming Meeting and Church Gate collection

Our annual church gate collection will take place after all the masses in Navan Road church this coming weekend 1/2 October. Please support our only fundraising effort during the year. The funds go toward printing costs, insurance, and planning submissions and appeals on behalf of the community. 

Our next public meeting will take place next Wednesday 5th October at 8pm in the parish centre. Topics under discussion at the last meeting included traffic, speeding on the main road, planning matters and General Election constituency issues.  All are welcome. 

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Navan Road Community Council

Navan Road Community Council was set up in 1968 to help bring together community groups and sporting groups, so that they would have one voice when trying to get things done in the community. These days the NRCC lobbies Dublin City Council and local representatives in relation to issues such as traffic, planning and policing to name a few.

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