Dog Fouling

Sorry to put people off their lunches but as you can see in these pictures, last week we came across a lovely pile of dog dirt in  John Boscos schoolyard, of all places.  The white line you see is the line that the children queue up on to enter school in the mornings. We are appalled that Navan Road residents are letting their dogs run around the yard, we have witnessed some doing it late at night. There are railings around the Junior Boys’ School and it would appear that owners are letting their dogs squeeze under the railings to do whatever they like in that yard. 

This problem is becoming an epidemic in the area, both on footpaths and on green areas such as Ashington Park. The fact that some owners go deliberately to a yard or area where children will be playing defies belief. It is not difficult to take bags with you and pick up after your dog. There are even free bags available from Dublin City Council. 

This link contains information from Dublin City Council on attitudes to dog fouling. Dog dirt is a potential health hazard, especially to children. Please pick up after your dog. There are enough signs in the area advising you to do so and nobody should see this as acceptable behaviour. 

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Navan Road Community Council

Navan Road Community Council was set up in 1968 to help bring together community groups and sporting groups, so that they would have one voice when trying to get things done in the community. These days the NRCC lobbies Dublin City Council and local representatives in relation to issues such as traffic, planning and policing to name a few.

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